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    From the Files of A Sex Therapist, (Lifetime Books, July 1998) a "behind-the-scenes" look at what a sex therapist does—examines 22 case studies over 14 years. The book takes the reader on a journey that looks at sex from inside the therapist’s room. Provocative, sexy, and informative, Dr. Altman educates her readers about sex in all it’s pain (emotional and physical) and glory. eBook, Dr. Altman’s first book, was named "The Best Book in the medical field by a non-medical writer" by the American Medical Writers Association. In addition to her weekly television appearances as The Love Doctor on NBC Channel 3 in Las Vegas, she appears on dozens of radio shows. Her sense of humor and her expertise in relationships and human sexuality make her an informed, interesting, and very popular guest. Dr. Altman has written for Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Penthouse Forum and Nevada Women. She is also a champion poker player.

After loosing woman or hsuband it becomes pretty bad. Watch more here, to get some impressions (tranlate the text with button over top)

You have to absolutely not allow your adult children to live with you." Dr. Altman’s other survival tips for "Generation S" have helped many of her readers and patients successfully deal with this situation.


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